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New York Firefighters Battle it out With Their Version of the Olympics

By Brianna Case.
Three-Hundred firefighters from all over New York State cheered on their departments during Saturday's New York State Firefighter's Winter Olympics at Greek Peak Mountain.

"We do snow tubing, we do sledpole, we do hose relay, and on Sunday we also do broomball on the ice," said Denise Solcum, Branchport Keuka Firefighter.

This is the 11th year the Fireman's Association of the State of New York has held the Olympic games for firefighters from all over the state.

Although the firefighters are having fun, these events hone in on important fire fighting skills.

"We also had a tractor pull that simulates a rescue. They load up the patients and pull them in the sled," said Robert Ottaviano, Director of the Firefighter Association of N.Y.

They do all of these events in uniform.

Each of these firefighters are wearing about 50 pounds of gear, now I am not even wearing half of that and this is pretty heavy.

"We get used to the gear, we just walk around in it. The gloves don't do well, they get really slippery," said Bryce Premu, Fire Chief for Wayne County Fire Department.

Despite the challenges that the gear might, cause these fire fighters power through it. Many of the teams have been coming for years.

"Department comes from Long Island for three or four years," said Ottaviano.

"I've been coming for four to fives years now," said Premu.

"Six years," said Fuller.

"And I've been doing it for three years," said Solcum.

All of the firefighters coming together is what they look forward to the most.

"Everyone getting together and dancing and just being together, it's fun," said Fuller.

They all plan on continuing this tradition.