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Hearts for Hope Fundraiser Benefits Organization that Helps Sick Children

By Emily Girsch.
A fundraiser for a local organization benefitting sick or recovering children was held at the Holiday Inn in Binghamton Friday night.

The first annual "Hearts for Hope" fundraiser was held to raise money for "A Room to Heal."

"It's a wonderful organization that helps so many children," said attendee Karen O'Neil.

"You're giving these kids something, a physical thing that they're going to be able to enjoy while they're recovering," said attendee Jenny Delgado.

"And think that's absolutely amazing."

The organization was started to provide sick or recovering children with a comfortable bedroom to stay in.

"We all know we feel better when we're in an environment and we're surrounded by the things that we love, the colors that we love" said executive director for A Room to Heal, Linda Snyder.

"And I think that has a very therapeutic effect."

The event included tapas-style appetizers, beer and wine pairings, a silent auction, raffles, and plenty of prizes.

One local man volunteered tonight because of what "A Room to Heal" did for him when he was recovering from a brain tumor surgery.

"When I came back from the hospital I had a nice cozy room to stay in, a nice place to just heal myself up," he said.

All proceeds from the fundraiser will go towards the organization.