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UHS Goes Red For Women

One in three women will die from Heart Disease or a stroke. That's why it was a sea of red at UHS Vestal today, as people took time to raise awareness for women's Heart Disease.

"Get that word out there to women as far as risk factors, signs, symptoms to look for and prevent that first event, that's huge," said Enid Nixon, Nurse at Practitioner UHS Cardiology.

"We are dealing with this day in and day out, talking to women who unfortunately it's after the first time they had that first cardiac event ," SaidNixon.

What many people don't realize about heart disease is that its 80 percent preventable.

Being in her forties, Andrea Whitteman learned that it is so important to get checkups and to know about heart disease. Unfortunately, she learned the hard way.

"Something serious might be wrong here and I need to go in there and get it checked out. It wasn't on my agenda that day to have a heart attack, I was just too busy and I didn't think of myself as having any risk factors," said Andrea Whitteman, Heart attack survivor.

Health experts say that someone has a heart attack every 43 seconds and each minute someone dies from a Heart Disease related event.

But, Whitteman was lucky.

"I had to be resuscitated, so they literally saved my life," said Whitteman.

But simple prevention techniques could save your life.

"Diet and exercise are important," said Nixon.