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New Technology Launched To Kick Drug Dealers Out

By Faith Jessie.
New technology is making community policing safer and more efficient to help put an end to drug-related crimes in Susquehanna County.

A Drug Activity Reporting Form was launched on Wednesday by numerous law officials in Susquehanna County. The online form gives residents a way to instantly report suspected drug crimes in full detail.

The user-friendly form asks simple questions about the suspected drug activity to provide the details that are crucial in helping authorities to identify the correct suspects. Once the form is submitted online it is instantly shared from the DA's office to the authorities responsible for the case.

Susquehanna County District Attorney Robert Klein says this new electronic form sends a crystal clear message to drug dealers that all eyes are on them.

"Drug dealers are not welcomed in Susquehanna County, we view them as predators and they are now the prey. We will find you, we will prosecute you, and if we can, we will seize your assets," said Susquehanna County DA, Robert Klein.

The form can be accessed through the Susquehanna County website's "Fight Crime Splat" which is located at the bottom of the home page.

This is not for emergency use and should only be used to report drug related crimes. If there is an emergency you should always dial 911.