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State Treatment Bed Database Draws Mixed Reaction

By Jason Weinstein.
The state has launched a website that updates in real time the number and location of treatment beds available to recovering addicts.

This to make it easier for those across the state to determine which beds are available. The head of Truth Pharm, a heroin treatment advocacy group, calls the site itself a good idea. But, she says, it highlights the lack of treatment beds available throughout New York state.

"Today I did a search for an adolescent in New York state statewide to see what beds might be available and there were six beds only available throughout all of New York state for an adolescent for treatment," said Alexis Pleus, Founder of Truth Pharm.

Pleus says the site doesn't explain the types of treatments that are available at certain facilities. This means addicts and caregivers may be confused about which treatment center they may actually be eligible for.