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How Will Upstate Revitalization Affect Binghamton, Johnson City?

By Jason Weinstein.
Just how much impact will the $500 million the Southern Tier won from the Upstate Revitalization Initiative have in Binghamton and Johnson City?

Johnson City Mayor Greg Deemie sees Binghamton University's expansion into the village, led by the new pharmacy school, as a way to get rid of much of the blight plaguing Johnson City.

Binghamton Mayor Rich David says a number of developers have approached him with projects looking for funding from the $500 million. Private-sector money is supposed to be five times the amount put it from URI funding for any project.

"Developers and investors realize there is a match and there is a small portion of the project that could be funded with this money. But a lot of times that might be the gap that's filed that makes a project a reality," said David.

"We want a walkable community where people feel safe, comfortable, where they can walk at night, go from shop to shop. Can I see that happening? Absolutely," said Deemie.

Deemie and David spoke Thursday at SUNY's Business and Education Cooperative.