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How Can a Small Business Owner Ignite Change?

By Faith Jessie.
Small business owners in the area had the opportunity to have breakfast and chat with city and state leaders on Thursday.

The Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce hosted their Eggs and Issues breakfast Thursday morning focused on showing ways to communicate with legislators.

The panel addressed issues such as the declining population and polices throughout the state, as well as municipalities that would allow businesses to grow.

"One of the issues that the city of Binghamton and the Southern Tier faces is the declining job growth. We really need to be able to broaden the tax base and allow businesses to be able to come in order to allow young professionals to live here," said Giovanni Scaringi City of Binghamton City Councilman

"Issues shouldn't be looked at singularly. It's not just about the minimum wage. New York has a skills gap. We have people that need better training, more education to find access to better jobs. Minimum wage jobs shouldn't be the objective," said NFIB, State Director, Mike Durant

The National Federation of Independent Business will be hosting Small Business Day in Albany on March 8 where small business owners from across the state will directly share concerns with lawmakers in Albany.

Small Business in the area who might have questions concerning their business are encouraged to reach out to the Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce to get those questions answered.