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Pair Arrested for Transferring Heroin in Prison

By FOX 40 Staff.
An inmate and a visitor of the Broome County Sheriff's Correctional Facility have been arrested for attempting to smuggle heroin.

An officer supervising visitation between inmate Margaret Will and her visitor, Kirby Spruill, saw Spruill pass an unknown item to Will during a kiss. An investigation found Inmate Will to be in possession of a small package wrapped in a condom. The content of the package was a glassine envelope containing a substance which field tested positive for heroin.

Both were arrested and charged with Promoting Prison Contraband.

Kirby Spruill was arraigned in the town of Dickinson court and remanded to the custody of the Broome County Sheriff Office without bail.

Inmate Margaret Will was arraigned on February 2, 2016 and remanded back to the custody of the Broome County Sheriff’s office without bail.