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A Program Brings Out Students and Parents in Binghamton

A local school program that has been around for some time is up and running.

It's called "pARTners," and it has been around for over 17 years.

Parents and their children get together on Wednesday nights at Roosevelt Elementary to take part in various projects.

The atmosphere is far lighter than what we have been reporting on with Binghamton Schools regarding bullying. More than 60 families participated in this outing. it is an opportunity to make art, play games and take part in physical fitness activities.

"The pARTners program is a parent involvement program," says Renee Desantis of pARTners. "It uses the arts to bring parents in. They share in learning experiences together and we've been doing it here at Roosevelt for 17 years. It all started here, it was part of my masters project for Binghamton University. I wanted to get to know parents because as an art teacher I don't get a lot of opportunities. I got to meet parents and have a good time. Seeing them and learning together, that was what we did. "

The pARTners program will run through March 16th.