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Binghamton Librarian is National "Champion"

By Jason Weinstein.
A local librarian is receiving national recognition for her work with students in the Binghamton School District.

The Corporation of Public Broadcasting has named Lonna Pierce an American Graduate Champion. She works with students at MacArthur and Thomas Jefferson Elementary Schools. She is also the founder of the Eleanor Henricks County Wide Poetry Recitation for Children.

It's an event she started 25 years ago. Today students from more than 20 local schools take part.

"It's all about for me the joy of books, the delight of reading, the absolute wonder and fun of words. Each child that graduates from MacArthur and Thomas Jefferson graduates with many poems under their belt," said Pierce.

Pierce began her teaching career 40 years ago. She's been a librarian for 15 years. This year's Eleanor Henricks County Wide Poetry Recitation for Children will be April 30th at the Helen Foley Theater at Binghamton High School.