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Hanna Wants White House Opioid Forums

By Jason Weinstein.
Richard Hanna is one of eight New York Congressman calling for the White House to hold opioid forums in Upstate New York.

Hanna's district has two main urban centers, Binghamton and Utica. Hanna would like a forum held in both but suggested maybe one in Norwich would allow for many in his district to attend. Today the White House announced it proposing $1.5 billion to fight heroin addiction. This includes $920 million to support agreements with states to expand access to medication-assisted treatment for opioid use.

States will receive funds based on the severity of the epidemic and on the strength of their strategy to respond to it.

"In the eight counties we represent I've talked to each and every Sheriff and some of the prosecutors and health organizations. They all say what we already know. This is a tremendous epidemic of opioid misuse," said Hanna.

The White House is also proposing $500 million to increase treatment and access to the heroin antidote naloxone.