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Does Iowa Primary Finish Put NY in Play?

By Jason Weinstein.
Could the results of the Iowa Caucus put the Presidential nominating process in the hands of New Yorkers?.

New York's Presidential primary is April 19th. Usually by the New York Primary the major party nominees are pretty well chosen. But with the top-three Republicans finishing Iowa within five points of each other, and the top two Democrats nearly tied could the race still be competitive by the time New Yorkers go to the primary polls?

A local Democratic leader says it depends on happens after Iowa and next week's New Hampshire Primary.

"Where the population is more representative of the entire base of the Democratic Party, what happens? I think that's what's going to expand it out," said Broome County Democratic Chairman Jim Testani.

"I think there's a great chance this is still going to be a horse race going into April. I think that's great for New York because we'll be paid attention to, the candidates will have to spend time here and listen to voters in New York," said Bijoy Datta, Broome County GOP Chairman.

The New Hampshire Primary Tuesday, February 9th. South Carolina and Nevada are other early primary states.