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Spring to Come Early, says Rodent

By FOX 40 Staff.
Punxsutawney Pennsylvania native, Phil, did not see his shadow during an annual forecasting event in Western Pennsylvania.

After emerging from a mock tree stump, the groundhog communicated to the Groundhog Club President in “groundhogese” proclaiming that he did not see his shadow. Phil directed the man to one of two pre-printed scrolls.

According to the groundhog, there will be early springlike weather, though if you had been paying attention to the weather over the course of this winter, you probably could have predicted that yourself.

"There is no shadow to be cast. An early spring is my forecast!" said the President, reading from the scroll.

According to Stormfax.com, the groundhog’s prediction accuracy is 39%, far below Fox 40’s weather predicting human, Mick Dwyer, who is somewhere in the 90% range.

Phil has been making predictions since 1886.