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IRS Phone Scams Hit the Area

By Emily Girsch.
With tax season upon us comes an increase in phone scams.

A local man received two voicemail messages last month, each claiming to be from the IRS.

The voicemail went like this: "This call is officially a final note from the IRS. The reason for this call is to inform you that the IRS is filing a lawsuit against you."

The scammers said he was going to be sued unless he called them back immediately.

"I've had strange phone calls but not like that one when they highly demanded that I call them right back," said Kirkwood resident Charles Gee.

"I knew right away that something was wrong."

Gee said he notified the sheriff's office about these messages.

"He just said that we've had several hundred calls on this thing. That's when he gave me this other new york state number to call."

Gee was asked to leave a message with state authorities who have been documenting scams in the region.

The IRS issued a statement today alerting taxpayers of the "Dirty Dozen" list of scams to avoid as well as tips on how to protect yourself from identity theft this tax season.