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Predictions for Tuesday's Groundhog Day Prediction

For the past two years Punxsutawney Phil's shadow has revealed six more weeks of winter. FOX 40 asked Binghamton National Weather Service forecasters if they think this year's Groundhog Day will be the same.

While they think the day is more fun than scientific, they believe it will be sunny enough that Phil sees his shadow once again. However, they do add that it is uncertain.

"Western, PA, is here. There are some clouds coming in through here, but this is all within the next 18 hours moving through," said Dave Nicosia, Warning Coordination Meteorologist at the National Weather Service of Binghamton, while showing FOX 40 a map of the Pennsylvania region, "So we're thinking maybe some of this area here. There are some clouds, but a chance that he will see his shadow tomorrow."

Those who enjoyed unseasonable warmth Monday are hoping Phil does not see his shadow.

"I hope it stays nice weather after Groundhog Day," said Binghamton Resident Sue Snyder. "Taking the dogs for a walk in this weather is so much easier than going through snow. And they enjoy it too."

Many other park goers seemed to be on the same page as Snyder.

Binghamton's Weather Service says the area's average high of about 32 degrees from December through January is a new record. However, the organization still expects some cooler temperatures in February.

We'll see what Punxsutawney Phil has to say when he makes an appearance on Tuesday.