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Runners to Race to Binghamton For New Empire Road Race Series

By Kerry Longobucco.
Officials are announcing details of the upcoming Empire Road Race series.

The series is made up of seven local road races, which will be held between March and August. All have routes that run through the city of Binghamton, and each race will benefit charities.

The events are exciting not only for the runners who participate and the charities that benefit, but also, for local businesses.

"We're really able to really draw tourism. People stay in our hotels, eat in our restaurants, really see how, what Binghamton's become," Matt Gawor, of Binghamton Health Campaign, said. "There's so many good restaurants here, so many hotels, so much to do."

Below is a complete list of the seven races included in the series:

Parade Day Mile​ - March 5

St. Pat's 4 Miler - March 12

43rd Annual Forks XV 15K Run - March 20

Beer and Beasts 8k - May 15

Herald of Victory Marathon - May 29

Parlor City 5k - ​July 9

Kelly LaBare 5k - August 7