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Wegmans Turns 100 Years Old

By Brianna Case.
Hundreds of people came into Wegmans Saturday, and they didn't just come for the groceries. Wegmans held their 100th year celebration.

"I'm glad I am still here to celebrate the hundredth and to someone who is newer to the Wegmans store is probably like wow they are a great company that has been successful for a hundred years," said Tom Kaufman, Wegmans Employee for 39 years.

"It's just a great opportunity to reflect on our past hundred years and really take the moment to thank our customers and not only our customers, but our employees who make it a great place to shop," said Ken Goodwin, Service Manager at Wegmans.

Wegmans has shown appreciation in so many ways. They gave away cake and other goods. They not only did that, but they gave all their 40,000 plus employees a special appreciation gift complete with a shirt, gift bag and a mug.

To employees, this appreciation stems from the man that started it all.

"We like to take the opportunity to share with our employees and customers Mr. Wegman's values which helps this company exist. Basically, it's to never think about yourself and always care about others first," said Goodwin.

This has made an impact on Wegmans customers.

Francesco Porcarelli comes to Wegmans because it reminds him of the hospitality he finds from his native home in Italy.

"People that work over here are remarkable, as a culture they are very nice," said Wegmans customer, Francesco Porcarelli.

And it's not only the people that he enjoys.

"Everything is fresh, and you can see it lasts longer in your refrigerator," said Porcarelli.

Employees at Wegmans say that they are always working to make sure that the smile on Porcarelli's face, spreads to all of their customers.