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Bearcats inching ever closer to turning things around

Even after beating UMBC on Wednesday, the BU Bearcats are still just 5-15 (2-5). The win game against an equally struggling UMBC team that is just 5-17 (1-6). So, while the win is nice, it's hard to call it a turning point in the season. Even so, it's an important win to help boost confidence.

Tommy Dempsey says that while it may sound repetitive, he still believes in his team and believes their close to turning the corner this season.

"I think we're getting better. I've said that all along. I know it's hard when you're not winning games but one of the things about our group is our belief is stronger than anyone's doubt," Dempsey said. "That's why I've continued to believe we have a chance to turn this around and try to find our way into having a good conference season because we're a very connected group. You might hear that from me almost too much. But it's really, really important when you're struggling because if you're not you don't feel like it can get better but when you are you feel like it can and will get better. That's why I always talk about the togetherness of our group because it sets you up for success moving forward."

BU travels to Maine on Saturday.