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Candidate Steve May Explains Why He's Making a Move for Owego Mayor

By Kerry Longobucco.
Earlier this week, a village of Owego trustee announced that he'll challenge Mayor Kevin Millar (D) for his position. On Friday, republican Steve May told Fox 40 why he's making a move for mayor.

May says while serving as trustee, he's realized the village has major issues when it comes to financial and public accountability. May is the owner and operator of Owego Harford Railway -- and wants to use his business background to better the village.

On Friday, he responded to his opponent -- who questioned how May will make time in his busy schedule for his mayoral duties, if elected.

"I think that I have made that commitment as a village trustee. I put in several hours a week, out of this office, working on many projects that have been appointed to me as a committee leader, or as part of a committee," May said.
"Being mayor of Owego is another job that can be easily handled by myself."

The election will take place in March.