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Celebrating Local Centenarians

A century of life calls for some celebration. And celebration filled the air of the Good Shepherd Fairview Home for its annual Centenarian Party.

The event honors residents who are at least 100 years old, along with those approaching the milestone. And those being honored had some advice for living a long, fulfilling life.

"Be happy. Love people. Do for others," said Veta Franklin, a 99-year-old resident.

"Try to mingle with people. And if they have anything going on, go to it. Go to every occasion that comes up," said Julia Cebula, a 101-year-old resident.

Julia Cebula turned 101 years old on January 14th. She was joined at Thursday's celebration by fellow centenarian Martha Calistri. Seniors who are almost to the century mark, Veta Franklin, Angelo Palermo, and Clareice Bennett, also enjoyed the party.