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Is Binghamton's Drinking Water Safe?

By Faith Jessie.
If you're in Binghamton, the water you drink most likely comes from the Binghamton Water Treatment Facility. It produces 5-6 million gallons of water per day.

Water from the Susquehanna River is filtered and treated in order to make it safe.

"There are approximately 30 locations across the city where water is tested on a regular basis... not only for lead but for all different types of contaminates that we test for," said Binghamton Mayor Rich David.

Lead was the main concern for another city who received its water from a river, Flint, Michigan -- one that resulted in a water crisis.

"The problem with the lead is the distribution system...some of these pipes have been in the ground for 100 years...it costs maybe $1 million dollars to replace a water line so it's not cheap," said Binghamton Water Superintendent, Joe Yanuzzi.

One of the reasons Flint ended up in a crisis is the source of the water.

"In Flint, they have a different source which they changed. They had the lake source, which they changed to a river source... the chemistry of the water would be very different than surface water and that could have been the problem there.

That problem was lead from the pipes getting into the water supply...something Yannuzzi says won't happen in Binghamton due to the extensive testing.

"We have to monitor them to make sure they are at safe levels... our process is monitored so closely that it would never get that far out of whack that it would be unsafe," said Binghamton Water Lab Director Dawn Farrell.

That safety is something you can take into consideration next time you pour a glass of water.