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The Impact of State's 2016 Agenda on Seniors

What impact will Governor Andrew Cuomo's 2016 State of the State agenda have on senior citizens? That was just one question that came up at the Western Broome Senior Center Wednesday morning, as officials from the Office of Aging presented a summary of the State's 2016 plan.

The discussion also covered issues such as a possible Paid Family Leave Act for caregivers, establishing a commission to look at retirement security and ways to improve pension plans.

"I think with any population that we serve, we want to make sure that we’re hitting the mark. It can’t be services and programs according to what we think is valuable, it has to be according to what the public believes is valuable. And obviously, being the director for the State Office of Aging, we’re very concerned with older New Yorkers and if they’re actually finding value in our programs," said Corinda Crossdale, NYS Office for Aging director.

If you have questions about how the governor's 2016 agenda could impact local seniors, you can call the Broome County Office for Aging at 778-2411.