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Parent of East Middle School Students Says Two of Her Children Have Been Bullied at School

East Middle School has the highest number of reported bullying incidents this year in Broome County, according to statistics from the New York State Education Department.

The number? 55.

But that number might not be accurate.

As of late, parents have been complaining that their children are being bullied and the incidents are going undocumented.

"Nobody investigated it until I threatened to call the superintendent or the news," said parent Jennifer Phaneuf.

Jennifer Phaneuf has two children at East Middle School, both of whom she claims have been targets of bullying.

"They were in gym class and a student had touched her inappropriately, grabbed her leg and inner thigh and said, 'fatty fatty." said Jennifer.

Jennifer says that despite going to two members of the school's leadership, no action was taken over the reported incident.

Jennifer went to the school's police officer directly to have the incident with her daughter documented.

"It should not have taken me to what I had to do to get to this point," she said.

Jennifer also claims her son has had problems at East Middle as well.

"He got stabbed in the knee with a mechanic pencil. The pencil went through his jeans."

Fox 40 reached out to administrators at East Middle School, and received no comment.

However, Jennifer Phaneuf feels strongly that her children have been mistreated by peers at the school.

Last night a new anti-bullying program was unveiled at a second meeting East Middle school Administrators had with parents.

"The interim principal that is here has tremendous experience in implementing anti-bullying programs," said Lawrence Parham, member of the Alliance for Quality Education.

"And I think that's going to have a tremendous impact here."