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Broome County to Host Public Safety Meeting on Drones

Do you own a drone? Are you planning to? If so, Broome County wants you to attend a public safety meeting.

The meeting will focus on the Federal Aviation Administration's current and upcoming regulations. You'll also learn where and how to fly these devices, and guidelines for operating them near airports. Officials say more than 50 people in the region own a drone, so it's vital they're informed to prevent any collisions.

“Anyone can operate them. And that’s why we want to do this class. A lot of those people that buy these have no aeronautical background, so they don’t know where to access information on where they should and shouldn’t fly. They might not even know where an airport is. And that’s the type of people that we want to reach with this meeting,” said David Hickling, Broome County Commissioner of Aviation.

The free forum will be held on January 27th at 7 p.m. in the Decker Room of Broome County Public Library on Court Street in Binghamton.