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Assembly Republicans Announce Plan to Attack Heroin Crisis

Assembly Republicans in Albany say they have ways to combat the heroin epidemic ravaging New York.

Assemblyman Cliff Crouch is on the Assembly Minority Task Force -- which is pushing for heroin to be treated as a health crisis.

Crouch says one major problem highlighted in a report released today by the task force is how difficult it is for addicts to get into treatment. He says people are often turned away multiple times before ever being admitted -- and when they do, finally, get into treatment, it's too brief a stay to be effective.

"One of the biggest things is, people are being taken to the hospital in a crisis situation, and just maybe given some nalaxone," Crouch said. "We've got to work with that person, and give them more than three days of detox."

To create more programs, more beds, and longer detox stays, the task force wants to see a 'strong capital investment' in Governor Andrew Cuomo's 2016 budget.