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Spring Semester Begins at BU, SUNY Broome

By Jason Weinstein.
Monday was is the first day of the spring semester at SUNY Broome and Binghamton University.

Over 5,200 students returned to SUNY Broome while just under 17,000 students made their way to BU's campus. That includes 700 new students. Some of those BU students had a bit of role reversal. They came to Binghamton to escape the cold and snow, such as one freshman we talked to from Queens.

"I shoveled for the past three days. I came up here, there's nothing. I can't play with the snow or anything. I was kind of disappointed," said BU freshmen Matthew Lee.

"It feels weird getting back into the grind, getting used to new classes and new friends. But it's actually pretty interesting and fun," said SUNY Broome first-year student Julian Paugh.

The enrollment numbers at SUNY Broome don't include students in the Fast Forward program. Those are high school students who also take classes at SUNY Broome.