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Is America's Electoral System Rigged?

By Brianna Case, Faith Jessie.
Is the American electoral system rigged? Well, it's probably a question that you want answered since it is an election year. It's also a question one film addressed Sunday during a community screening.

The Social Justice Committee of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Binghamton screened "Electoral Dysfunction", a documentary that uses humor to give viewers a look into voting in America.

The group held the screening in hopes to teach people the importance of the political system and specifically, voting. They stressed that there are many important factors to take into consideration before checking a name on the ballot.

"Number one, make sure that you can vote, that you are eligible to vote and number two, actually vote and educate yourself about our political system so that you can make a change," said Fred Trzcinski, Chair Person of Social Justice Committee.

After the screening, which was free and open to the public, The League of Women Voters of Broome and Tioga Counties contributed to conversation with a brief presentation.