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Jewish Community Center Hosts Character Themed Breakfast Ball

By Brianna Case, Faith Jessie.
What's better than a Sunday morning breakfast? How about a Sunday morning breakfast dressed as your favorite Disney character.

The Jewish Community Center in Vestal hosted their first Breakfast Ball on Sunday, where children dressed up as all types of characters.

The breakfast, which featured a spread of pancakes brought out local families and teachers at the center.

The teachers say they noticed their students are always talking about super heroes and princesses so they thought it would be a fun idea for a fundraiser.

"A lot of our kids love Disney characters and other characters like Hulk and Cinderella and to be able to see them it's almost like they are living in a fairy tale for the morning," said JCC Teacher, Marley Benjamin.

The teachers said the Breakfast Ball was a success and that they are planning on making this an annual event.

Proceeds from the Breakfast Ball will benefit the center and it's programs.