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Local Bernie Sanders Supporters Say He is For The People

By Fox 40 News.
The Iowa caucus is in 9 days and candidates are busy trying to gain votes. Bernie Sanders is one candidate whose had recent success in Iowa.

According to the latest poll conducted by CNN and ORC International, 51% of people in Iowa said they would vote for Sanders. 43% of voters say they support Clinton and a mere 4% support O'Malley.

Members of Binghamton for Bernie, hosted a community wide viewing Saturday night of a speech Sanders gave laying out his plan for winning the Iowa Caucus.

Supporters say he is for the people.

"I think so many people support Bernie Sanders because he appeals to everybody. Forty years of a consistent record, he is for the people, he is standing up for our democracy. We feel like we have a say, and that is so important," says Sanders supporter Jennifer Campoli.

The Iowa caucus vote takes place on February 1st.