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Catholic Charities' Homeless Youth Program Receives 10 Percent Less Funding This Year

By Emily Girsch.
A Catholic Charities program that helps homeless youth received less funding than requested this year.

The "Teen Transitional Living Program," or TTLP, was cut by 10 percent by a community development grant from the City of Binghamton.

The program was awarded $5,000 less than what it was given last year, but the division director said that amount of money actually goes a long way.

"There are many good programs out there that also need funding doing different things," said Sandra Ohlsen, Division Director for Catholic Charities.

"But we just need to keep telling our story of how many runaway youth need this program."

The program takes in runaway and homeless youth, some involved in abusive relationships, drugs, or sex trafficking, and offers them safe and supervised apartment living options.