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Trio of Casino Scammers in Pa. Steal Almost Half a Million Dollars Before Getting Caught

By Emily Girsch.
Three people, including two employees, are being charged with scamming a casino out of almost half a million dollars in Wilkes-Barre, Pennyslvania.

Reports shows that the scam lasted almost a year, from May 2014 to April of last year.

A cocktail waitress at the casino would copy the card information on casino cards, a casino executive would then create duplicate cards, and then give them to a third man, to gamble with.

The trio was reportedly able to walk away with $419,000 before getting caught.

"It could be a federal prosecution but at the very least, with sums of money like that, more likely than not it's a prison offer assuming there is some sort of guilt found in this case," said Binghamton criminal defense attorney, Paul Battista.

New reports from a news source in Wilkes-Barre say the three schemers were found out because of a love triangle.

Fox 40 will bring you more on this story in the coming weeks.