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B.U. Professor: Ted Cruz Isn't Eligible For Presidency

The eligibility of republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz has been a point of controversy throughout his campaign.

One Binghamton University professor says one United States law isn't on his side.

Cruz was born in Canada to an American mother and a Cuban father, and says he's eligible for the job based on the U.S. Naturalization Law, not so, according to Therese Cingranelli, an adjunct lecturer at BU, who analyzed the issue in a philly.com article.

She says the Naturalization Act, developed by early leaders of U.S. Government, specifies that citizenship will only be granted to children through the bloodlines of their fathers, not their mothers.

Cingranelli says, based on the law, Cruz is ineligible.

"If his father is an American citizen, then his reading of this law is original and strict to the, to the original intent. But, it was his mother, and I'm just pointing out, that because of the struggles of women, and the lack of equality of women, that's not what that law was saying at that time," Cingranelli said.

Cingranelli also said, a new law would have to be enacted, in order for Cruz to be eligible for the presidency.