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Fire Rips Through Cafe in Greene

By FOX 40 Staff.
An early morning fire in the Village Café Of Greene has left the nearly 200-year-old building charred.

At around 9:55 a.m. Friday, a fire erupted at 41 Genesesee St. in the village of Greene. A tenant in one of the back apartments ran down and beat on the door of the café, saying he smelled smoke.

Village Café Of Greene owner, Eric Fleming, said he ran upstairs with the back apartment tenant right away after smelling smoke and yelled to the upstairs tenant, “We need to get out."

The fire occurred outside of the building near the kitchen, reaching the rear apartments. The Village of Greene Fire Department said that everyone got out safely. The Fire department also said they had to chain saw the building to enter it. Neighboring homes were evacuated around 11 a.m.

Fleming said he recently remodeled the interior of the Village Cafe of Greene.

Fleming, recalls, "I was in the kitchen at the time and it was ten feet away from me and I didn't even know it was burning". Fleming went on to say the experience was surreal and feels like a bad dream. Fleming laments that he built everything and that there was $25,000 worth of brand new equipment.