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Local Job Market Decreases While Majority Of New York State Job Market Increases

By Jason Weinstein, Faith Jessie.
From December of 2014 to December of 2015 Binghamton has lost nearly 2,000 private sector positions according to a report released by the Department of Labor Thursday.

A New York department of labor analyst says this is a result of the area's large reliance on manufacturing and government jobs, These major industry sectors had the most significant jobs losses in the last year.

"We're not in terrific shape, we might have had industries that have done really well and shown gains and there has been turn over and opportunities for individuals in the local labor market but as far as a full number of people employed in our area is definitely smaller. We still have a good amount of companies that are still going through restructuring to move themselves into the economy of new, so we are still having some growing pains with that," said Labor Analyst for the New York Department of Labor, Christian Harris.

Harris says that there are many companies still going through restructuring to catch up with the new economy. He also says this local lack of employment is due to a loss of residence who are participating in the work force. The state's unemployment numbers will come out on Tuesday of next week.

Overall, 13,000 private sector jobs added were added to the New York State economy in December of 2015 .The current private sector job count sits at nearly 8 million positions in New York state, which they say is a new record high.