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Cuomo Re-Introduces Plan to Offer College Education For Prisoners

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has brought back a plan offer college education for inmates in New York's prisons.

The governor tried to get prison-education passed in 2014 but it was shot down by the republican-led senate.

This time, Cuomo is able to work around the legislature by paying for the $7.5 million program aimed at reducing recidivism with criminal forfeiture money from the Manhattan District Attorney's office.

New York State Senator Fred Akshar (R-52nd District), whose background is in law enforcement, said he understands the need for reform but does not want to see any taxpayer dollars being spent on the program.

That is why Akshar said oversight is important.

Higher-education for inmates is part of a larger social reform plan recently unveiled by the governor at Mount Neboh Church in Harlem.