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Parents and Teachers Confront School Board for Student Misconduct

Teachers and parents gathered to voice their concerns over student conduct in the city's schools.

Parents say assault on teachers, drugs, and bullying are major problems.

Those who addressed the board weren't allowed to name names, but several hinted at their disapproval of the superintendent's performance in addressing these issues.

"There's a bunch of tough kids in these schools," said Garo Kachadourian, a parent of a student at East Middle School.

"They're disruptive, they give the teachers a hard time, the teachers are not getting the support they need because these kids are just disrupting it for the kids who want to learn."

Most of the teachers did not want to be interviewed but one woman who has taught for 25 years in the city told me she values her relationships with her students and she wants to create a nourishing environment for them.

"I believe that so many people want to come here," said Adana Brauer, fiscal education teacher at Calvin Coolidge Elementary.

"I want to make sure that we're speaking in a positive manner, that we're being respectful of one another, and the message gets out to our school community and the greater community that we're all on the same team and we want what's best for our students."