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Grant to Help Halt Breast Cancer

With help from a new grant, a local program continues promoting early detection screening for women. Screening that can help women cut their risk of breast cancer.

The Binghamton YWCA's ENCOREplus program is receiving $65,000 from the Avon Breast Health Outreach Program. This is the 21st year it has received funding from this program. ENCOREplus educates women and refers them to low-cost or free mammograms, as well as clinical breast exams. Officials say the money received from the grant is critical to providing services.

“We try to break down every barrier for women for getting screened. So we provide free transportation to and from their screening appointments; as well as adult care, child care and financial. If somebody has a really high copay, and it’s going to be a barrier for them to get screened, we will actually pay for their copay as well,” said Crystal Sackett, program coordinator of ENCOREplus.

ENCOREplus helps more than 3,000 Broome and Tioga County women to meet with their primary care providers for screenings annually. For more information on the program, you can call 772-0340 ext. 242.