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Five Planets to be Visible from Earth at the Same Time

Early risers may get a sight that's out of this world on Wednesday.

Starting on the 20th, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Mars and Jupiter will appear in a diagonal row before dawn. This will be the first time the planets are aligned in a way visible to the naked eye in more than ten years. Fon 40 spoke with officials at Kopernik Observatory and Science Center who explained how this is an event of chance.

“The planets go around the sun at different rates. Mercury goes around in 88 days, we go around in one year, Mars goes around in two years. And it’s just clockwork, eventually they’re all going to end up on one side, synchronized on one side of the sun,” said Roy Williams, public programs coordinator for Kopernik.

Williams says that from 6:30 to 7:15 in the morning on Wednesday will be the best time to ensure that you can see all of the planets, including Mercury. He adds that the best place to look is in a true horizon with no trees or mountains in the way. If you're not able to rise early Wednesday, the sight will be visible early mornings until late February.