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Two Binghamton Girls Prove There Is More To Pageants

By Brianna Case.
Aubrey Marroquin and Tiffani Schaefer are proving that girls can get dirty playing play sports and clean up to walk the stage of a pageant.

"Not only I'm rocking the runway, I'm on the field and got my team to victory. I'm comfortable wearing my cleats and my heels," said Audrey.

Both of the girls are Binghamton natives and recently earned titles at the USA National Miss Pageant back in October. This is something their mothers never knew could happen at first.

"You know you see things like Toddlers and Tiaras, and I'm like um, I don't think I really want to get my daughter involved with makeup and dresses and all the drama. I just really wasn't into it, but Adrienne swore it wasn't like that and she was right, " said Tiffani's mother, Christina Schaefer.

It's not just their mothers that enjoy what pageants have to offer.

"I get to wear makeup because I can't wear makeup to school," said Aubrey.

"I like that I get to wear big poofy dresses on the runway and rock the runway," said Tiffani.

After speaking with the mothers and daughters they all came to the same conclusion, that the girls takeout a lot more than looking pretty.

"Confidence, confidence. She is not afraid to talk to people, shes not afraid to speak in front of a group of people which is one of the biggest fears that adults have," said Adrienne.

"We are finding her blossoming as far as her confidence level and just opening up to people," said Christina.

Christina and Adrienne's goal is to continue teaching the girls there is more than what just meets the eye.

"What else can I teach them? And you want to be able to teach them compassion and you wanna treat them empathy and I sat there and thought how could I do that? And, then Adrienne comes along and drops in my lap and now we are doing community service," said Christina.

"It feels very good because I know I am doing something for other people," said Aubrey.

Aubrey and Tiffani will be competing nationally in Florida this July, and
one thing is for sure, they couldn't be more confident.

"I am just waiting for that title and they are going to call my name," said Aubrey.

The girls are currently in a photo contest that will help out with the some of fees for the pageant. They need your help.

All you have to do is go to http://woobox.com/gnf5h8 and vote for their photos.

Votes will be accepted until Wednesday 1/20 at midnight.