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Dollar Book Sale Keeps Johnson City Library Up And Running

By Brianna Case.
Imagine buying books for less than a dollar a piece. Your Home Library in Johnson City made that possible Saturday.

The library held their monthly book fair, that featured a selection of books donated from the community or discarded from the library.

Friends of the library group hold this sale on the third Saturday of every month in hopes to keep the library going as long as it can.

"It's to raise funds and either supply goods or funds to the library so they can afford things that maybe their budget wouldn't allow," said Diane Bartlow, President of the Friends of the Library.

Proceeds from the sales are put toward improvements to the library. Past improvements include new carpeting, cane holders at the front desk, a grab rail, and a garden in front of the library.

Your Home Public Library will be having their hundredth anniversary next year.