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Gloves Come Off For Republican Debate

By Faith Jessie.
Verbal shots were fired at Wednesday night's 6th Republican debate as the top 7 GOP candidates took the stage in South Carolina just 16 days before the Iowa caucus. Candidates addressed the issues of the country.

"We are gonna win this war on ISIS. The most powerful intelligence agency in the world is gonna tell us where they (ISIS) are...," said Senator Marco Rubio.

"... If you cut taxes for corporations and you cut taxes for individuals, you're going to make things move...," said Governor John Kasich.

The attacks got personal. One example was Donald Trump accusing Ted Cruz of not being American.

"Donald's mother was born in Scotland, she was naturalized, now Donald...," said Senator Ted Cruz.

"But I was born here," said Businessman Donald Trump.

Republicans are denouncing the personal attacks. Party leaders continue to say that the debates need to focus on the issues.

"There is a lot of criticism and I can certainly understand it, the debates have been more about entertainment than substance. Where its more about you know getting the headlines, saying outrageous things, attacking your opponent than national security issues...," said Bijoy Datta Broome County Republican Chairman.

Though the candidates fought among each other, they did take time to fire on a common enemy...the democrats.

"The first impulse of Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton is to take rights away from law abiding citizens," said Former Governor, Jeb Bush.

"Someone who lies to those four families of the victims of Benghazi can never be President of the United States," said Rubio.

"All you hear from them are various platitudes and other demeaning remarks... no one is talking about the issues," said Broome County Democratic Chairman, James Testani.

"To demean everything this county has done, to say we're weak...everything that they are doing is based upon driving up the negativity and the negative feelings in the county and that is not good for the republic," said Testani.

All in all the debate was a platform where everyone got to speak.... even Dr. Ben Carson.

I am very happy to get a question this early on...I was going to ask you to wake me up when the time came," said Dr. Ben Carson.

The Democratic debate airs Sunday 1/17. Fox 40 will bring you the highlights at 10 p.m.