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Huron President Maintains McKinley Catwalk is Safe

Huron president Chris Pelto is disputing claims from Endicott's mayor that the catwalk on McKinley Avenue is unsafe.

Despite warning lights, tractor-trailers regularly hit the bridge connecting the old buildings to one that is in use.

Endicott Mayor John Bertoni (D) says he became concerned after learning a piece of concrete fell on the car of a driver. But Pelto says Huron never received a claim --and thinks the mayor is exaggerating the problem.

Lifelong Endicott resident Dino Petrilli says something needs to be done about large trucks driving in that area.

"The hazard part is that trucks are not following the rules, and they are going underneath there," Petrilli said. "It's too big for the truck. The trucks should be going over McKinley Avenue, they should be going over Hayes Avenue."

Pelto said Huron patched the catwalk after the village told him about the driver.