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BGM Ready for $200 Million Contest

By Jason Weinstein.
The Greater Binghamton Airport says it's proposal for a $40 million grant from the state will be ready for takeoff.

The state will award five airports approximately $40 million each to promote economic development. Grants will fund projects that enhance safety, improve operations and access, reduce environmental impact, and create better passenger experiences.

The competition will seek out proposals that will create jobs, incorporate sustainable “green” building techniques, use renewable energy, and meet other criteria. The head of the Greater Binghamton Airport says the potential to develop land surrounding the airport for commercial use could boost the economy and bring jobs to the area.

"The development of the airport corridor puts us in a very competitive position in vying for the funds. We have a lot of developable land up here. I think we're in a great position to be competitive for this," said David Hickling, Broome County Commissioner of Aviation.

The proposed contest is part of Governor Cuomo's 2016 budget proposal that still has to be negotiated with the State Legislature. Hickling says once that process ends he'll have a better idea of the exact criteria the state will be looking for.