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Date Set in Almond Upton Trial

By Jason Weinstein.
A Trial date is set in the case against the man charged with running down and killing New York State Trooper Christopher Skinner.

The trial for Almond Upton is set to begin on July 5th. The entire month of July has been set aside for the trial. This is according to attorney Benjamin Bergman.

The former Senior Assistant Broome County District Attorney has been named a Special Prosecutor for the case. Authorities say Upton was driving north on Interstate 81 in the Town of Chenango when he swerved from the left lane to hit Trooper Skinner who was standing outside his vehicle while conducting a traffic stop. Upton has pleaded not guilty to a charge of first-degree murder.

"I've handled a lot of complicated cases in the past. I've handled a cold-case murder. We'll be ready," said Bergman.

Bergman says he'll spend the coming months reviewing the file and interviewing witnesses. A number of state troopers were present at previous court dates to support the Skinner family. The former head of Troop C has said that support will continue throughout the trial.