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Cuomo's Plan to Combat Homelessness Could Assist Local Shelters

In Wednesday's State of the State address, Governor Cuomo proposed a $20 billion investment for expansion of New York's Housing and Homelessness Plan over the next five years.

This initiative would create a $10 billion plan for affordable housing and a $10 billion Homelessness Action Plan. The plan to combat homelessness would support the creation of 6,000 new supportive housing beds and 1,000 emergency beds across New York State in a five-year time frame. Over 15 years, the State plans to add 20,000 new units. Officials in Broome County say if our region is included in this plan, it would be a great support for local shelters.

"For the governor to step up and do this on the State side, we’re hoping means that there may be ways that we can expand our current programs, expand the current access to our programs, and really fill all of the gaps that we need to fill in this area,”said Shari Weiss, chair of the Southern Tier Homeless Coalition.

Cuomo's plan also includes an audit of shelters statewide in an effort to ensure they meet safety and sanitary standards.