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Endicott Mayor Calls Huron Catwalk Safety Risk

By FOX 40 Staff.
Endicott Mayor John Bertoni (D) said the catwalk at the McKinley on the Huron Campus is a safety hazard.

Bertoni said he was first alerted to the issue in a letter from a visitor who wrote that part of the concrete from the catwalk fell on her car.

Bertoni said an inspection of the buildings in November found other code and safety issues.

"The buildings west of the McKinley are in total disrepair," said Bertoni.

Endicott's Fire Marshall inspected the buildings in November.

Bertoni expressed his concerned in a letter to the Huron Real Estate Associates last week.

He said Huron acknowledged the buildings need improvements, but said work could not begin until spring. But Bertoni said the safety risks are too great, and he wants work to begin immediately.

Fox 40 contacted Christopher Pelto, President of Huron Real Estate, and are waiting for a reponse.

We will have more on this story at 6.