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Ithaca College President to Retire

By Faith Jessie.
Ithaca College President Tom Rochon announced plans to step down on July 1, 2017. This comes after a series of racially charged events on the campus along with a big push from students calling for his resignation.

On November 11th of last year at least a thousand students at Ithaca College staged a "Solidarity Walk Out" saying that they had no confidence in Rochon. The student group POC at IC or "People of Color at Ithaca College," who organized the walk out also organized a poll that showed 71.75% of students said they had no confidence in Rochon.

Rochon initially said he had no plans to step down and announced that he would hire a diversity officer to move forward.

In a statement , Rochon said that he came to his retirement decision after "much reflection" over the winter holiday break.

Rochon said that the timing of his retirement would allow the board of trustees to choose a president best suited to address the opportunities and challenges of the college.

Rochon became president of the campus in 2008.