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Some Powerball Tips From Lottery Legend Yolanda Vega

With the massive billion dollar-plus Powerball jackpot Wednesday night, Fox 40 spoke to perhaps the truest authority on the issue in our state -- lottery draw team legend Yolanda Vega. She says she has felt all of the enthusiasm surrounding the jackpot.

"Here in New York, people are coming up to me and saying 'Yolanda, I wanna win this. What can I do to win this?' and then I give them my opinion," she says.

So, what are some ideas to win this big lottery that this draw team member has developed over time?

Vega says, "A lot of people do continuously play those special dates in their lives. Be it birthdays or anniversaries or ages. And, when they tell me they do that I say, 'Yeah, more power to you and good luck. But make sure you put two dollars down on a Quick Pick.' Which is the computer-generated ticket. Those are the ones that have been winning lately."

Remember, Vega has been doing this for many years and she has learned a lot.

"There is a lot of enthusiasm when the jackpot climbs higher. Because, for some reason, people don't want to win $40 million when Powerball is at its base. But when it gets to be over $500 million, over $900 million and now $1.5 billion, it's contagiously amazing how much energy is flowing through New York State," she adds.