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An Endicott Woman Thanks Firefighters Who Won Award for Saving Her

By Emily Girsch.
The night of February 12, 2015 is a night one woman won't soon forget.

"The guys grabbed me and the next thing I know I've got a mask on my face and I'm going down the stairs."

Annette Wallace was asleep in her bed when her husband came home from work and told her the house was fire and she needed to get out.

Annette lived at the Naticoke Apartments in Endicott with her husband and roommate.

"It was just scary to know that my house is on fire and my roommate's not messing around," said Annette.

Annette's husband and roommate exited the home safely but Annette couldn't get out so she opened a window and yelled for help.

She had tripped and fallen and she was on the floor when they found her.

Lieutenant Aaron Coney and Captain Dan Peck, recipients of Broome County's "Firefighter of the Year Award" came to her rescue and carried her out of the burning building.

"I didn't sign up to get awards or anything," said Peck.

"I just wanted to make as big a difference as i could."

"I'm a very quiet person and I don't do it for fame," said Coney.

"I could really care less but meeting that person helped. It was really special."

Annette read about the firefighters who saved her online when they received their awards.

She knew she had to reach out.

"So I opened it up and I looked and I was like, 'Those are my guys. I've got to let them know.'"

Annette says she's thankful for a second chance to live.

"I'm thankful. When I threw open that window, that was right there where the fire was. If I stood there a couple more minutes, I might not be here."