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Record Breaking Powerball Jackpot Leads To Record Breaking Commissions!

The record-breaking Powerball jackpot has lead to record-breaking statistics for businesses that sell lottery tickets.

The staggering $1.4 billion Powerball jackpot number on Wednesday has captured a great deal of attention nationwide. This means that New York businesses licensed by the State Division of the Lottery to sell tickets for the drawing are winning too.

According to the New York State Gaming Commission, the businesses have earned close to ten million dollars in total commission on ticket sales. A face of the New York lottery says it is apparent that those who sell Powerball tickets also have lady luck riding on their shoulders.

Yolanda Vega, New York Lottery draw team says, "I never envisioned that being a bodega or a lottery retailer of any kind would give you such financial rewards. But I have seen a lot of people...they get a percentage of every dollar that's sold out there and when it's Powerball fever such as it is, the lines and lines of people is nothing but putting more and more money in their pockets. So, it's a wonderful thing."

Lottery retailers earn $.12 on each Powerball ticket sold.